Hot Water Immersion

Different research and studies have proved that if you immerse yourself in the hot water, it can help your mind and body relax. There has also been some substantial evidence that shows how impactful this can be on your overall daily living and health.
The experience may seem to be simple but the results are surprisingly amazing when you are a part of it. Soak yourself in warm water for just 20 minutes and your body gets eased out, letting you experience some positive psychological changes.
Curious to know more? Here are some other advantages that you need to know about hot water immersion.

The Top 7 Benefits of Hot Water Immersion

HWI rejuvenates your mind and body from the deep within while allowing you to get rid of all the negative vibes. For centuries, people have sought the wellness benefits of immersing themselves in water. From ancient Roman bath tubs to modern spas and saunas, this holistic approach has a long history of proving to be a part of our lives.
Here’s a quick rundown of the 7 benefits you can reap by immersing yourself in a hot water tub:-

1. Reduces the stress

We all are living a busy and on-the-toes lifestyle, where a weekend relaxing seems to be a rewarding experience. Owing to this, stress and tension have become an integral part of our routine. Whether it is heart disease or blood pressure, stress can have so much of a negative impact on the body.
Rather, doctors and scientists have even documented these problems. That’s where Hot Water Immersion comes into role. This most impactful and natural remedy can give you a magical experience. You can say goodbye to the unwanted stress of your life by actually sparing yourself some time to get into hot water and be in the moment.

2. Pain Healer

The second best advantage of using hot water therapy is that it can smoothen down the pain ad acts as a pain healer. If you spend at least 20 minutes in the hot tube, the pressure of the water and heat would reduce the muscle tension that your body experiences.
Since the pressure of the water that is ejaculated from the jet relieves your muscle, you experience a therapeutic massage. It eases down all the knots that are within the muscles and thus gives you much-needed relaxation.

3. It helps you maintain a good relationship

It does not matter what your age is, as long as you want some time alone to relax, HWI is the best thing to do. Social interaction is important to ease down your mental trouble but at times, when you need to spend time with yourself, hot water can be the best companion with the right partner.
So if you have a spouse with whom you haven’t spent quality time for long then this could be a perfect getaway to maintain a good relaxation and create that spark again.

4. Healthy Weight Loss

You don’t just get relaxed in hot water immersion but also shed those extra pounds. Wondering how? Since the hot water can make the workout easy, you don’t have to struggle with weight-bearing activities anymore.
That is why, if there is any workout that you seem to be challenging on the surface, then you can always try it in the hot tub and see the difference. The workout could be anything, be it squats, reverse crunches, or glitter kicks, you can do it all easily in the hot water.
If you perform such exercises on a routine basis in the water, it would help you burn those unnecessary calories and bring you in shape easily.

5. Quick muscle recovery

This can be more beneficial for sports players since the problem of muscle or tissue tear is common and painful amongst athletes. Hot water can reduce the muscle tension that often happens in the body simply as it loosens the muscle before or after the workout.
So next time if you don’t want to cry over the sore muscles then dip yourself in the hot water tub and see how amazing it feels.

6. Eliminates toxins from the body

If you immerse yourself in the warm water, the temperature of the body increases instantly. This results in the dilation of the blood vessels which further improves the blood circulation and pumps the better nutrients to the body.
The whole process of HWE also ensures the body can find it convenient to eradicate the toxins, and the risk of chemical waste storage in the body is reduced. Since this technique flushes out harmful toxins, it is ideal for those with kidney failure issues.

7. Peaceful sleep

Getting at least 7 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep is important for the regular functioning of the body. And nothing can be better than pampering your body with some relaxing solutions. Hot water immersion is one of them that you should try doing before sleeping at night.
If you soak yourself in hot water, it eases the transition of your body to get into a deep sleep by lessening the tension and stress.
With so many advantages of Hot water immersion, you certainly should not miss out on giving your body these 20 minutes of treatment after a hectic day. It will give you the most relaxing feeling in and out while promoting better wellness in the long run too.

How Long Should You Soak In Hot Water?

You should soak yourself in hot water for at least 15 to 30 minutes to get the maximum benefits. However, you can extend the sessions for up to 45 minutes if you feel comfortable. The temperature of the hot water tub should be kept around 100°F to 102°F, but you can go as high as 104°F, depending on your temperature preference.
Always remember that the higher the temperature, the shorter the session. Avoid alcohol and electric devices to get the best out of your Hot Water Immersion session.

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