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Kidney dialysis is a procedure in which a special type of treatment is offered to the patients whose kidneys are failing. Hemodialysis helps to filter excess waste, toxins, and impurities from the blood. People who have kidney failure or suffer from end-stage renal disease require dialysis. Kidney failure can be a life-threatening disease and it even leads to death. In Hemodialysis, a machine is used to filter blood from the body. The purified and clean blood is returned to the body and this procedure can take up to 3-5 hours. Also, a patient needs to go through a dialysis procedure 3-4 times a week.

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Side Effect Of Dialysis


Kidney dialysis is a painful and stressful treatment for patients. Also, it can lead to side effects. Fatigue, low blood pressure, muscle cramps, itchy skin, joint pain, and insomnia are some of the common side effects caused due to dialysis. But, HIIMS has the best natural care service for kidney failure. With 360-degree postural therapy, hot water immersion therapy, and a dip diet, kidney functioning can be revived properly without any side effects. HIIMS believes to offer safe and effective kidney care services. The therapies offered to kidney patients can help in the natural recovery of the kidneys. Likewise, our services are safe, surgery-free, and painless to provide the best care to every patient.

We have an expert team of doctors who ensure to follow the pathway of Ayurveda to provide natural care to every patient. The natural methods of kidney treatment make sure that patients can recover completely without any requirement of surgery, dialysis, transplant, or pain. Also, we believe that diet plans can work excellently to improve the functioning of organs and the entire body perfectly to beat every health issue.

Side Effects of Dialysis

Machinery-driven dialysis not only costs you high, but it can also have so many side effects. The patient's body gets dependent on machinery and thus gets weakened with each session. The patient can have many other problems, to, such as:

Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance







Bone Disease

Bone Disease



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HiiMS uses the safest and cheapest methods to get your dialysis done. We don't use expensive medications and machines on a patient's body. The majority of patients who get hospitalized and get dependent on so-called life-saving devices end up losing their lives. That's why we use a non-hospitalized, cost-effective and healthy method.

We believe in Ayurveda, and we always tend to protect everyone from harmful side effects of machines such as dialyzers and ventilators. We use Postural Medication, in which the body does its dialysis on its own without depending on machines.

Why 360° Postural medicine to kidney patients?

Many reasons prove why kidney patients should go for 360° Postural medicine-

  • This method takes less time than machinery based dialysis.
  • It eliminates patients' dependency on machines.
  • Each session of 360° Postural medication improves the patient's kidney health, whereas machinery-based dialysis makes the kidney even weaker.
  • It costs zero, whereas hospitalized treatments cost you thousands.
  • Once learnt this simple technique, it becomes a self-sustainable process for the person.
  • Along with improving kidney health, it offers other health benefits also that support a person's overall health.
  • This method is 100% safe and effective.

Now, let's have a look at what 360° Postural medication looks like. Let's take you through all the safe and effective medication steps.

How we stop dialysis: All about GRAD System- (Gravitational Resistance And Diet System)

Yes, you read it absolutely right, " STOP DIALYSIS". 360° Postural medicine aims to stop dialysis and to improve kidney health. It basically uses the earth's strongest force, the Gravitational force, as medicine. To treat dialysis, we use GRAD System, i.e. Gravitational Resistance And Diet System.

360° Postural medicine includes making a person lay down to certain degrees in specific postures and using gravitational force as a medicine. This doesn't use any machines, devices or ventilators but a person's own body to treat his health problem. The whole process includes various steps that includes:

HWI Therapy

HWI stands for Hot Water Immersion. In this therapy, we use a big tub filled with hot water and the patient is made to sit in that tub. When the patient's body is subjected to being covered up in hot water, within a few minutes, the body starts producing desirable chemicals. The sodium excretion increases five times, potassium excretion increases two times. Also, urine volume increases three times. Thus, the swelling and excessive weight due to accumulated waste in the body gets reduced. The body can flush out excessive waste loaded with toxins, providing relief to the patient. Along with dialysis, HWI Therapy relaxes the body, cures heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, and improves overall health.

HDT Therapy

HDT stands for Head Down Tilt. In this 360° Postural medication therapy, the patient is made to lie down to certain degrees to make the body self-corrections. The patient is made to lie down at 10 degrees, lifting up his lower body. This leads to an increase in sodium excretion from the body. Thus, it flushes out toxins through urine and sweat. The body's blood pressure decreases. In this way, with the help of HDT Therapy, kidney patients start self-dialysis within a few minutes of being tilted into this position.

DIP Diet

The patient is prescribed to follow a special diet after going through these therapies, which helps in the regeneration of nephrons in his kidney. That means the body will cure itself on its own without any external machinery based support. Putting a person on this special diet increases the patient's metabolic rate and helps in treating kidney's inability to function.This DIP diet helps the patient to recover faster.