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Kidney Disease

Kidney is a very important organ in the human body. Without the proper functioning of kidneys, our body is unable to work properly. In view of the changing effects of lifestyle, the problems of kidneys have started flourishing in people more than before. Over the past few years, kidney diseases among people is increasing. If not treated on time, kidney disease can be life-threatening.

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Kidney disease can be harmful for your health. And there can be many reasons behind the cause of kidney disease. Diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, and infection are some basic reasons behind the cause of kidney disease. With Ayurveda, you can excellently strengthen and enhance the functioning of the kidney's effectively. Ayurveda will help to prevent all risk factors of kidney diseases to improve your health naturally. The natural ways of Ayurveda for kidney disease reversal help to beat the problem effectively.

Hiims Kidney Health


The Department of Urology and Nephrology Of HIIMS provides ayurvedic care for kidney diseases. Whether the condition is critical, chronic, or mild with Ayurveda, you can get the best care for enhancing kidney health. With the help of an expertise team of Ayurveda doctors and therapists, you can get the best care for improving kidney functioning properly.

We aim to offer services that can enhance your health from the inside out. For fast and effective recovery, the robust team of HIIMS provides services that are safe and non-surgical to enhance your health naturally. Kidney diseases have become very common these days, and to beat the mild to critical concerns of kidney diseases, you can rely on the Ayurvedic services of HIIMS.

We have a stronghold in specialized Ayurveda therapies to offer non-surgical care for improving kidney health. Even if you're dealing with a kidney infection, chronic kidney disease, or kidney failure, you can naturally provide excellent care for every issue. By understanding every sign and symptom and going through health records, we offer custom care services through diet, panchkarma therapies, yoga, meditation, and proper sleep. With natural methods, we offer the best care for every kidney-related concern.


Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)

Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure

Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone


At HIIMS, you can avail effective and safe services for eliminating every kidney disease from the root cause. Ayurveda has an ancient history, and it is considered to be one of the best and safest ways to fight against every health issue. Likewise, HIIMS offers expertise in specialized Ayurveda care services that can enhance your health from the inside out and improve your health effectively.

01 Himms Knee Treatment

Lower Leg Emmersion Therapy

02 Hiims Kidney Diet Plan

DIP Diet

03 Hiims Kidney Tub

Hot water Emmersion Therapy

04 Hiims Head Tilt Down

Head Down Tilt

05 Hiims Kidney Mud Therepy

Mud Therapy

06 Himms Kidney Acupressure


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