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Today, Kidney diseases have become the most dangerous and widespread problem of this era, where millions of people are regularly troubled by different kidney-related diseases. However, countless Kidney Treatment hospitals are available.

As we all know, The Kidney is one of the body’s most essential organs; if there is any kidney problem, it affects the whole body. Every person has two kidneys, primarily responsible for filtering nitrogenous waste products like urea, creatinine, acid, etc., from the blood. It also regulates the pH, sodium and potassium levels in the body and removes all the waste material from the urinary tract. Along with this, such hormones are produced by the kidneys that control blood pressure and help produce red blood cells.

Here’s What The Patient Should Know About!

Undoubtedly, Kidney diseases are dangerous, though it becomes most challenging because it attacks the body with a treacherous force. Also, in most cases, when the patients are diagnosed with kidney diseases, it is too late for them. Therefore, kidney diseases are known as silent killers too. In addition, in kidney-related problems, Kidney Stone problems are the most common problems, and for kidney stone treatment, patients suffered a lot, but they didn’t get a proper solution for it.

Moreover, it is unfortunate that patients with such issues are told that there is no alternative without dialysis or kidney transplant in most Kidney Treatment Hospital.

But, this is not the reality and real solution because starting the proper treatment on time in Ayurveda can be helpful for the same Kidney to become healthy again and start functioning properly. In addition, Ayurvedic Herbs For Kidney Failure are highly beneficial to get rid of kidney diseases. Especially in the case of Kidney stone treatment, it offers a natural solution where you can get rid of this problem without any surgery.

Early & Some Common Symptoms Of Kidney Diseases!

  1. Swelling Near The Ankles, Feet, Or Heels:-

    Swelling Near The Ankles, Feet, Or Heels are One of the early signs of Kidney diseases. Edema will appear in places that pit when pressure is applied, called pitting edema. As the kidneys start to disturb their functioning, salt starts accumulating in the body, causing swelling in your shins and ankles.

  2. Lower Abdominal Or Back Pain:-

    Pain in the back, side, or under the ribs can be an early symptom of a kidney disorder such as kidney stones or pyelonephritis. Similarly, lower abdominal pain can be associated with a bladder infection or a stone in a ureter (the tube linking the kidneys and bladder). Therefore, such symptoms should not be neglected and should be further examined.

  3. High Blood Pressure:-

    High blood pressure can be a symptom of kidney disease. Anyone diagnosed with hypertension should have a detailed description of kidney function and kidney imaging to ascertain the renal etiology of hypertension. As kidney function deteriorates, sodium and water accumulate in the body leading to high blood pressure. Symptoms of high blood pressure include headache, abdominal pain, cloudiness, and perhaps early signs of kidney disease.

  4. Foam Or Blood in the Urine:-

    Excessive foaming of urine demonstrates the existence of protein in the urine. After damaging the kidney’s filtering system, proteins and blood cells leak out with the urine. In addition, Blood in the urine can indicate tumors, kidney stones, or any number of infections.

  5. Anemia:

    Without any blood loss from the body, hemoglobin levels are low, and the person may appear pale, which are the typical complications of kidney infection. It can also cause weakness and fatigue. Multiple causes can occur Anemia, including low levels of erythropoietin, iron, suppression of the bone marrow due to toxin accumulation, etc.

Some significant bits of advice to prevent Kidney problems:-

  • Your diet plays a crucial role in making your life healthy. So, including a healthy diet in your daily meal can be very fruitful.
  • Doing exercise regularly can also help you to avoid such health problems.
  • For any kidney-related problems, excessive use of salt is harmful. So, it is indispensable to avoid taking salt as much as possible.
  • Your body fat and fitness are also essential parts of your healthy life. Therefore, keeping your body weight in a healthy range can be very helpful.
  • Do not smoke or use other tobacco products; smoking reduces the blood circulation in the kidney, which can take a severe form of the already existing problem.
  • Minimize the use of painkillers, as they can damage your kidneys.

Ayurvedic Herbs To Dissolve Kidney Problems:-

  1. Triphala

    Triphala is an Ayurvedic herb that reduces weight and improves the kidney’s natural function. The use of Triphala strengthens the kidney and liver. In addition, its consumption helps in managing the excretory functions of the body.

  2. Ginger

    Ginger is very helpful for kidneys; it detoxifies and rejuvenates kidneys. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties present in ginger reduce kidney pain and swelling and prevent the problem of UTI infection.

  3. Sandalwood

    Ayurveda suggests sandalwood drink in case of UTI, burning sensation while passing urine, and urination problems. The calming and soothing nature of sandalwood also has anti-microbial properties, which is helpful in managing kidney functions while treating UTI infections.

  4. Coriander

    Coriander spice in the Indian kitchen is very effective for kidney-related problems. This is because it regulates the functions of the kidney and bladder.

  5. Tulsi

    Tulsi is a popular Ayurvedic herb for removing kidney stones. It contains acetic acid and other essential oils, breaks the stone and expels it through urine. It also acts as a pain reliever. Therefore, most people use basil as medicine for stones.

Why is HiiMS best for Kidney related problems & Kidney Failures?

HiiMS (Hospital Institute Of Integrated Medical Sciences) offers ultimate care for kidney failures. In HiiMS, you get affordable and high-quality healthcare services. Our certified medical experts are the best in their specializations and well experienced for your purposes. In HiiMS, you can naturally get rid of all your health-related problems. Its Ayurvedic and natural approaches help you overcome your health issues without any surgery and side effects. Especially in its treatment processes, changes in lifestyle and diet are the best part of your treatment that always help you maintain your good health forever. Therefore, Once you started with HiiMS, you do not need to worry about your health because you have selected the right and the best treatment process where everything is possible.


At HIIMS, you can get rid of all your kidney problems without any surgery or side effects. Here you can get a natural solution for all your kidney-related problems without a Kidney transplant or going for dialysis. Because Ayurveda and other natural treatment have the ability to make the same Kidney healthy naturally without any surgery. For this purpose, HiiMS offers various natural approaches for your kidney-related problems that can be highly beneficial for your health.

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