Shuddhi Panchakarma Ayurveda Hospital is now HIIMS (Hospital & Institute Of Integrated Medical Sciences). For more details contact at 82704 82704


At HIIMS, we provide a variety of treatments under one roof. We don't simply use one strategy; we use various approaches to help the person who best matches their body.

HIIMS at Home

Join Virtual face-to-face sessions with the best doctors of HIIMS and get effective clarification and guidance on every health problem. Sit back and relax at home to get a quicker solution for every health concern. Just quickly fill out the form, book your virtual opd session and get in touch with the best doctors. We care about you, and your family’s health for that we present this flexible and comforting virtual face-to-face chat session. For us, you are you and your health is our major priority and that’s why we bring you the approach of the virtual session to get the best recommendation for improving your health sitting at home.

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Our OPD department provides excellent diagnoses to ensure the better health of every patient. Our OPD department is highly hospitable and it is the most significant part of HIIMS. We have the best OPD doctors who take care of patients excellently. They examine and go through the detailed history of health and reports to offer better guidance. OPD care makes sure to offer services that can allow you to get a clear vision of your health, and disease. You can rely on the services of the OPD department to get effective and genuine advice for health. The patients who are in-patient and get discharged also visit the OPD for follow-up.

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Our IPD department coordinates with every patient with total care. IPD department of the HIIMS either from the outpatient department, emergency, or a referral doctor for a planned procedure. Our Inpatient Department of the HIIMS is equipped with beds, ayurvedic services, round the clock availability of doctors and nurses. At HIIMS, we make sure to make every patient feel like they are at home. Our expert Ayurveda doctors ensure to keep a check on day-to-day records of the health of the patients. We make sure that every patient can get the best services and facilities to recover fastly, effectively, and positively.

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Day Care

HIIMS Day-care department provides a full range of specialised healthcare assistance which includes consultation with nifty specialists across multiple departments, and complete diagnostic services. For simpler and minor procedures the daycare department offers services that help patients to get excellent care, attention, and therapies without staying overnight. The Daycare department offers a patient-friendly atmosphere where the patient and guardians can walk in, get treated, and be released the same day.

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Panchkarma therapies are designed to balance all doshas of the body. To calm the mind, body, and soul, panchakarma therapies have showcased major significance. At HIIMS, we make sure to offer the utmost care for every health problem with panchakarma therapies. Every therapy showcases its own significance to enhance the good health of the body from the inside out. As HIIMS follows a natural approach to eliminate the health issue from the root cause. We offer special panchakarma therapies according to the concern of patients.

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Diet Care

Diet is one essential thing that keeps our body healthy and protected from diseases. At HIIMS, we believe in beating health issues with the right diet plan. A Diet plan is something that helps to enhance your immunity and allows your body to function properly. According to Ayurveda, following a healthy diet plan can help to eliminate the risk of every health issue naturally.

At HIIMS, we majorly rely on customised diet plans to beat every chronic to an acute health issue. From liver failure, kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, respiratory disease, heart disease, and others.

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