Understanding Ayurvedic Therapies for Holistic Wellness

Ayurveda is one of the ancient approaches towards nutrition and medicine developed with meditation and yoga. When it comes to Ayurvedic therapies, these are well-known for their properties to cure various diseases and prevent illness and restore the optimum health of a person. These therapies use natural herbs, oils, and more that help in healing. Besides healing, ayurvedic therapies focus on ensuring that an individual lives a healthy lifestyle, making body, mind, and soul balanced.

Benefits of Ayurveda

When it comes to the benefits of Ayurvedic treatment, there are many. Name a disease, and you will get the treatment. Ayurveda is the only holistic healthcare science that connects the disease, the patient, and pathogenesis to the root-cause diagnosis. Similarly, The principles of Ayurveda have been used successfully for thousands of years. To make it precise, the following are the benefits you can reap from Ayurvedic treatment.

Time Tested

Ayurveda evolved about 5000 years ago. In fact, in Vedas, you can find the teaching of Ayurveda. Since then, Ayurveda continued to develop and thrive against all odd times. It helps and heals people suffering from various health conditions.

Defines Life

Ayurveda believes that life is an association of body, mind, and soul, and if any of these limits their working, life suffers. Therefore, it offers the best treatments that help in increasing quality of life and longevity.

Helps prevent diseases and Promote wellbeing

If you add Ayurveda in your life, you will prevent several diseases and promote wellbeing. Ayurveda believes that an ailment manifests after crossing through four stages of pathology. If these stages are timely diagnosed, it becomes easier to prevent the disease.

Easy to follow

Ayurveda is an easy-to-follow approach. You can apply Ayurvedic principles to your daily life, for example, breathing practices, asanas, sleep, choice of foods, and medicines. Most Ayurvedic medicines are made of 100% organic Ayurvedic herbs, so you don’t have to worry about the side effects. Also, when it comes to external Ayurvedic treatments, they are enjoyable and relaxing.

Offer a wide range of Ayurvedic Treatments and Therapies

Ayurveda offers a wide range of treatments and therapies. With treatment of almost every disease, Ayurveda offers various therapies, and the most popular is Shodhana Chikitsa – Panchakarma. This is a holistic and natural technique of purifying and rejuvenating the body through a series of five major therapies. These are Vamana (Emesis therapy), Virechana (Purgation therapy), Nasya (Nasal therapy), Anuvasana Vasti, and Niruha Vasti.

Effective Ayurvedic Therapies that Work

Over centuries, some Ayurveda experts have studied the inner functioning of the human body and the study of Ayurvedic therapies and herbs. These effective therapies target and treat different diseases in the body. The following are some of the best and well-known Ayurvedic therapies.

Panchkarma ( Shodhana Chikitsa)

Panchkarma therapy is the key foundation of the Ayurvedic approach. As mentioned earlier in this article, it consists of five therapies. The therapy uses an assortment of Ayurvedic herbs and medicated oils for a long-lasting impact on an individual’s wellbeing.

Moreover, Panchakarma is effective for immunity, removing stress, anxiety, restores natural balance, regulates metabolism, and rejuvenates the tissues and skin. Some of the popular panchakarma therapies are:


Vamanan: This therapy focuses on the upper gastrointestinal tract and digestive system. It regulates Kapha dosha that leads to a number of digestive and respiratory issues. Moreover, This Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial for all Kapha diseases, respiratory conditions like Asthma, Kapha dominant mental illnesses, and skin diseases like leucoderma.

Virechnam: This therapy is highly effective for the digestive system, pancreas, spleen, and liver. It focuses on Pitta dosha which is responsible for several diseases. Virechnam’s focus areas include all pitta diseases, skin diseases, digestive disorders, eye diseases, mental disorders, and chronic rheumatism.

Raktamokshan: This therapy subtly increases Pitta by making it flow out the body with blood. This therapy is of two types Anushastra and Sashstra. This type of Panchkarma therapy is effective for immunostimulation, raises nutrition to tissues, acts as instant pain relief, and is useful in many acute and chronic skin diseases. Besides this, Raktamosksham is effective for conditions like scars, pigmentation, pain, wound, allergies, skin disorders, Osteoarthritis, and more.

Nasyam: To stay healthy, it is vital that the human organs are balanced and cleared. One of the best ways to clear blockages of the head, nose, scalp, hair, and neck is Nasyam. Consequently, This Ayurvedic treatment uses medicated oil droplets put in the nose. Medicated oil get absorbed by the circulatory system, nourishing all neck organs. Similarly, the therapy is effective for nose disorders, para-nasal sinuses, hair and scalp diseases, spinal cord and brain disorders, and head and neck disorders.

Basti Karma: Basti Karma is one of the five Panchkarma procedures advocated in Ayurveda. In this therapy, the herbal decoction or medicated oil is administered through the anal way. It is commonly used with or without Ayurvedic medications in treating various diseases like Gout, slipped disc, paralysis, amenorrhea, distended abdomen, and constipation. Also, it is used to reduce extra weight in obese people. Basti Karma is divided into two types: Sneha Basti and Niruha Basti. Sneha Basti uses lipids, ghee. Or oil. In Niruha Basti. Furthermore, Medicinal plants are the main content along with ingredients like salt, lipids, honey, and other drugs.

Besides these, there are several Ayurvedic therapies for different health conditions such as Dhanyamladhara for Kapha and Vata doshas, Rakthamoksham for overall body, Ksheera Dhoomam for the neck and head, and more.

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