Living Water

Water contains anti-inflammatory qualities in the body. Internal tissues must be kept wet at all times. Hydration levels in the body keep tissues like the sinuses and eyes smooth and moist. Furthermore, blood, bones, and organs rely on appropriate hydration. Without adequate fluid levels in the body, delicate joints may lack the lubrication and cushioning they require.

The view on Existence of living water

We’ve all heard about life in water, but this is the first time you’ll hear of living water.

You must be perplexed as to what it is and how it is feasible.

There is such a thing as living water, and there is a simple way to make it.

Manish Acharya Ji discovered this method of living water, and he proudly claims that drinking living water has cured thousands of diseases.

Making living water is just a procedure that maintains the nutrients and vitamins in water in a natural way.

Create the magic yourself, created by nature

It takes a few steps to create the magic which we call ‘Living water’.

The most important details of this task involve taking three earth pots and stacking them vertically one on top of the other.

  • To make the pots, 3-5 holes should be made around 2mm in the first two top-positioned pots, with stones, stones comparably small in size as the previous ones, sand, and wood charcoal.
  • The stones should be properly washed and put inside the pots and then fill the pot with a handful of sand and cover with a wooden coal, and only ¾ of the pot should be covered.
  • Repeat the same process for the pot below it, but this time only fill half of the pot.
  • A copper utensil, glass, and silver coin or glass should be added to the bottommost pot, and a powder out of moringa seeds should be placed in the pot.

We are pleased to inform you that your living water is now available!

This is the solution to all of your issues since it provides your body a fresh lease on life.

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