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Are you someone who is suffering from a lower back pain issue? Now, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. There are some ayurvedic remedies which can help in alleviating the pain of your lower back. HIIMS is one of the centres that can help you eliminate pain with the help of Ayurvedic remedies and some lifestyle changes.

What does lower back pain mean?

Lower Back pain is simply the pain caused in the lower region of the back. Lower back pain is becoming so much more common nowadays that no matter what the person’s age is, no matter what they do in their life, whether they are a child, adult or an old person, everyone is suffering from back pain.

Lower back pain can be experienced by anyone at any point in their life. Most people work in the offices from 9 to 5. They had to sit continuously, and not everyone sat straight every damn time. People want comfort and lean on the chair, which results in bad posture and can lead to back pain issues.

Lower back pain is mostly felt among adults whose age lies between 35 to 55 years. And the major reason for this can be diet, less involvement in physical activities, and always sitting by bending their back and not sitting straight. These are common issues that can lead to severe lower back pain in old age.

Causes of Lower Back Pain-

There can be many causes by which one can get prone to lower back pain. Some of the common causes are discussed below. One can change their lifestyle to get rid of these causes, which can lead to lower back pain.

1. Muscle or Ligament Strain (Injury or damage to the muscle caused by excessive stretching)

When a person is lifting heavy weights and repeating a sudden awkward movement can strain the back muscles or the spinal ligaments, resulting in Lower Back pain. And when people are in this poor physical condition, there is a constant strain on their back, which can cause painful muscle contractions.

2. Osteoporosis

It is one of the conditions in which the person’s bones become fragile. This condition results in more fractures and injuries, which happens when the bone mass is lost rather than replaced. The vertebrae of the spine can lead to painful breaks if the bones become more brittle.

3. Arthritis

It is one of the conditions in which the person experiences pain and swelling in their joints, making it difficult for them to move or even perform everyday activities.

Osteoarthritis (Asthi-Sandhishoth) affects the lower back of the person. In some cases, arthritis in the spine can result in narrowing the space around the spinal cord, which is commonly referred to as Spinal Stenosis.

4. Swelling of disks

Disks are a cushion or act as a cushion between the bones in the spine. The material inside the disk is soft and can bulge or swell on a nerve. Bulging does not cause pain but can be found on the spine with X-rays, CT scans or even MRIs.

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Risk Factors which can lead to back pain-

There can be many factors due to which people can suffer from lower back pain. And this not only occurs in old age people or adults. This condition is also developed in teens. Some of the risk factors are mentioned below –

  • Age: Age is one of the factors in the starting of back pain. People who are between the age of 30 to 40 are more prone to lower back pain.
  • Lack of Exercise: When people are not involved in physical activities, their bones get used to the relaxation, and when their age increases, it leads to severe pain in their lower back region.
  • Excess Weight: Excess weight in the body puts a lot of pressure on the back, ultimately leading to back pain.
  • Smoking: People who do smoking regularly have increased rates of back pain. This causes coughing, and that can lead to herniated disks. Smoking also increases the chances and risk of osteoporosis.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Lower Back Pain-

There are so many ayurvedic remedies or treatments which can help people alleviate the pain in their lower back. There are some remedies and treatments which are prescribed by Ayurvedic experts.

Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Herbal Remedies

People can use ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha, Shallaki or Guggulu, which have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain in their lower back region.

  • Heat Therapy

People can supply the heat to the area which is affected or the paining area. This helps in relaxing their muscles and helps in reducing pain. You can use a heating pad or even take warm baths, which will help get rid of pain in the lower back.

  • Ayurvedic Oils

People can use ayurvedic oils such as Mahanarayan or Vishgarbha oil, which they can massage on their lower back. They consist of herbs which help alleviate the pain and help soothing the muscles.

  • Change in Lifestyle and diet

Whenever a person consults with ayurvedic experts, they mostly emphasize their lifestyle and the diet they intake. They suggest eating healthy and nutritious food, avoiding junk food to maintain a healthy weight, and practicing good posture to relieve lower back pain.

Book an appointment with an Ayurvedic expert and get relief from back pain –

Our goal at HIIMS is to provide people suffering from severe pain or diseases with the best possible experience. Ayurvedic experts are available in HIIMS to provide advice on diet and lifestyle changes for people with lower back pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. People can obtain health care at HIIMS centres in many places around the world, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, and more.

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