Shuddhi Panchakarma Ayurveda Hospital is now HIIMS (Hospital & Institute Of Integrated Medical Sciences)


The HIIMS is an integrated hospital. HIIMS is a one-of-a-kind hospital named after Rajiv Dixit. Rajiv Dixit was an Indian social activist who was the national secretary of the Bharat Swabhiman Trust and an outspoken supporter of Swadeshi agitation. He is the light that guides us.
Our staff possesses a high level of sophistication, elegance, experience, and charisma.

Acharya Manish Ji


Ayurveda Expert

Acharya Manish is an ayurvedic practitioner who emphasises prevention rather than cure. Acharya Manish employs age-old ayurvedic medicines and therapies to nourish the body from the inside out. Acharya Manish invented Shuddhi, and guides everyone to adopt the disciplined lifestyle. Acharya Manish Ji raises awareness about leading a disease-free life by following the methods of Ayurveda.


MD in Community Medicine, MD in Paediatrics

Dr. Amar Singh Azad, MD in community medicine and paediatrics is a people-oriented doctor who is passionate about public health issues. In addition, he believes in raising public awareness about health and environmental issues. Also, he educates everyone to follow healthy diet plans to prevent every disease and lifestyle health problems naturally.

Amar Azad



Dr. Biswaroop Rai Chowdhury, a world-acclaimed Indian medical nutritionist with a degree in diabetes, is another of the team's most powerful soldiers. In addition, he created "The Dip Diet," a three-step strategy for reversing diabetes in 72 hours. Also, he is one of the trusted doctors by developing 360-degree postural therapy to beat the risk of hemodialysis, transplant, kidney and liver failure, and other critical health issues.

Dr. Khadar Vali

Scientist, Ph.D

Dr. Khadar Vali is PhD holder on steroids from the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru. He has examined deactivating deadly chemical substances like Agent Orange and Dioxins in the US. After returning from the US he worked hard to restore five different types of millets that were disappearing. He uncovered that millets can heal deadly diseases. He has been treating his patients with their illnesses by advising the consumption of millets. According to research and knowledge millets can help to eliminate lifestyle diseases like diabetes, and hypertension. obesity, piles, PCOD, thyroid disorders, and skin diseases naturally.