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Panchkarma therapies are designed to balance all doshas of the body. To calm the mind, body, and soul, panchakarma therapies have showcased major significance. At HIIMS, we make sure to offer the utmost care for every health problem with panchakarma therapies. Every therapy showcases its own significance to enhance the good health of the body from the inside out. As HIIMS follows a natural approach to eliminate the health issue from the root cause. We offer special panchakarma therapies according to the concern of patients. Also, these spiritual relaxing therapies help to improve your health without any need for painful surgery, or modern medication. HIIMS believes to offer certified and authentic panchakarma services to offer you the best care of Ayurveda.


Panchakarma therapies help to boost the purification of the body naturally.

These therapies are highly natural to eliminate toxin buildup from the body.

Have capabilities to improve digestion and metabolism process.

These panchakarma therapies help in weight management.

Also, these therapies help to open up the blocked channels.

For mind, body, and soul relaxation panchakarma therapies are highly beneficial.

These therapies help to rejuvenate and replenish the tissues.

Most importantly, these therapies help to boost immunity.

Panchakarma therapies work as the best anxiety and stress-buster remedy.



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It is one of the effective panchakarma therapies for headaches, and migraines, clearing the sinuses and clearing the nasal passage to improve breathing. This therapy possesses a point stimulating facial massage, heeded by herbal steam and pouring of herbal oils through the nasal passage. Nasya is an important part of the Panchakarma therapy where the central nervous system is purified by administering ayurvedic oils through the nostrils. This therapy also detoxes the head and neck area and cleanses and supports the nasal passage to improve breathing and ease respiratory issues. Nasya purifies and intensifies the nasal passages to enhance their functioning properly.

Janu Basti

This therapy showcases high significance to the patients who are experiencing ailments in the knee. In Sanskrit,’ Janu’ indicates knee and ‘Basti’ indicates retaining Janu Basti. Janu Basti handles the pain, stiffness, and discomfort of the knee area. In this therapy, ayurvedic oil is used effectively to soothe pain and prevent stiffness, and inflammation in the joints area. Likewise, toxins are removed and joints get strengthened naturally. Janu Basti implicates pouring of warm ayurvedic herbal oil on impacted areas to rejuvenate the joints from inside out,


This is a detoxifying Panchakarma therapy that helps in cleansing the body and mind. The very word Virechana in Sanskrit signifies 'purging' or laxative. Virechana is very efficacious in getting rid of all toxins (ama) from the body and soothing Pitta dosha disturbance in the body. It is especially useful in purifying the small intestine. The different ayurvedic herbs used in the therapy function as laxatives and decongestants that purifies the colon, stomach, sweat glands, liver, and spleen. It relieves gastrointestinal disorders, skin disorders, allergies, and metabolic issues naturally.


Vaman is one of the significant therapies in panchakarma that provides relief from Kapha disorders. This therapy is done for the disturbed Kapha dosha, which dislodges the harmful toxins specifically from the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. This therapy is done for preventive & remedial purposes. When Kapha dosha rises, it causes specific types of disorders – such as cold, cough, etc. Vamana is created to expel it. The Kapha Dosha is required to be brought from the furthest point and other organs into the stomach, and then vomiting is induced.

Uttara Basti

Uttara basti is a process where ghee or oil is introduced into the uterine pit. It is an important procedure noted in Ayurveda for relieving issues in the uterus. As the name indicates it is Uttara – an exceptional form of Basti as described in the derivation of the word. Since it is offered such significance in Ayurveda, the approach has impressive kind of advantages for uterus health. Uttara basti will undoubtedly provide the required support & stability to the uterus if properly scheduled and accomplished before conception.