Shuddhi Panchakarma Ayurveda Hospital is now HIIMS (Hospital & Institute Of Integrated Medical Sciences). For more details contact at 82704 82704

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Join Virtual face-to-face sessions with the best doctors of HIIMS and get effective clarification and guidance on every health problem. Sit back and relax at home to get a quicker solution for every health concern. Just quickly fill out the form, book your virtual opd session and get in touch with the best doctors. We care about you, and your family’s health for that we present this flexible and comforting virtual face-to-face chat session. For us, you are you and your health is our major priority and that’s why we bring you the approach of the virtual session to get the best recommendation for improving your health sitting at home.


Get expertise consultation from any place

Flexible care from home

Consult with certified doctors

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My name is Arojya Ved. I am from Pakistan. I had blood pressure problems for the past 15 years. I used to consume a high dosage of modern medicines. But, I didn't get any relief from the blood pressure issue. Through the problem, my kidneys got affected badly and doctors told me to wait for a dialysis procedure to happen. Consequently, I also faced issues of excess fatigue, no hunger, and no sleep problem. Then, I contacted HIIMS with the expertise guidance of Ayurveda doctors I started Hot Tub therapy at home and started following all measures of a healthy diet plan. Within a month my body started to recover. Also, I have stopped consuming half of the modern medicines.