Shuddhi Panchakarma Ayurveda Hospital is now HIIMS (Hospital & Institute Of Integrated Medical Sciences)

Tailored diet plans that have a positive impact on your health, transforming food into your best medicine at HiiMS.


Diet is one essential thing that keeps our body healthy and protected from diseases. At HIIMS, we believe in beating health issues with the right diet plan. A Diet plan is something that helps to enhance your immunity and allows your body to function properly. According to Ayurveda, following a healthy diet plan can help to eliminate the risk of every health issue naturally.

At HIIMS, we majorly rely on customised diet plans to beat every chronic to an acute health issue. From Kidney Disease, Liver failure, kidney disease, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Blood Pressure and others every health issue can be eliminated with a custom diet plan. Every patient at HIIMS follows a particular tailored diet plan that can help to enhance their health naturally. Even patients with kidney failure, heart disease, and 4th stage cancer patients get a proper diet plan that helps to boost the fast recovery of the body. Following a custom diet plan by HIIMS can help to strengthen your body with proper nutrients naturally. Also, our diet plans include millets, salads, fruits, sprouts, and many more nutritional foods that surely help to prevent the risk of future health issues.


Fulfil the nutrition of the body properly

Prevents the risk of chronic health problems

Prevents the disease from its root cause

Strengthen the body properly

Improves overall body functioning naturally

Helps to boost immunity

Protects from infections and harmful bacterias



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Far With Our Diet Plan


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To get rid of constant or chronic health issues, HIIMS has got the expertise of custom diet plans crafted by the best Ayurveda doctors. A custom diet plan is significant enough to energize and strengthen your body properly to beat every health problem. At HIIMS, we make sure that you can recover naturally with the goodness of a custom health plan.