Main Causes of Kidney Failure

Each body organ plays an important role but we start realizing its value only when it starts showing visible troubles. One such body organ that holds great significance in the regular functioning of the body is the kidneys.

It ensures that all the toxins from the body are eradicated while the red blood cells are formed. Kidneys control the blood pressure of the body while giving you a better way to deal with health issues and bacteria.

Unfortunately, many reasons may cause the abrupt working of the kidney and cause kidney failure. Here’s a comprehensive guide that will walk you through this major kidney issue, its types, and its symptoms. Without any delay, let’s get started!!

What is Kidney Failure?

If your kidney is not functioning more smoothly as expected then there are chances that your body is likely to face severe trouble in the kidney. The doctor usually claims that if the kidney functioning fails up to 90%, it becomes worthless for the body and might lead to a life-threatening situation.

Renal Failure means that your kidneys are not functional enough for your better survival chances in the future. To be precise, if your kidney drops below 15% of normal, you’ll be said to have kidney failure for which transplant and dialysis are the only two options available.

Types of Kidney Failure

There are five different types of kidney failure. Keep on scrolling to know more about them.

Acute intrinsic failure: It may happen due to direct trauma caused to the kidney. Other reasons include toxin overload and ischemia.

Acute Prerenal Failure: This type of kidney failure is mainly caused due to insufficient blood flow to the kidneys. It can be cured once the reason for the decreased blood flow is determined.

Chronic intrinsic kidney failure: It happens due to long-term kidney damage because of an intrinsic kidney issue.

Chronic pre-renal failure: This kidney disease happens when the kidneys don’t get enough blood flow for an extended period of time.

Chronic post-renal failure: It is caused when urinary tracts are damaged for a long while and can be cured by approaching the best renal failure treatment hospitals.

A Brief Guide to the Symptoms and Early Signs

Initially, you may not notice any signs, which is a huge disadvantage of kidney failure problem. But if the problem keeps on increasing and you neglect even the early signs, chances are high that the kidney may get more stressed.

Some possible early signs that you should not ignore could be:

  • Less output of the urine
  • Limbs swelling
  • Breath shortness

Other common symptoms:

If the problem has gone beyond the early signs and you will clearly experience some visible symptoms. If that happens, approach your nearest healthcare expert soon to seek ayurvedic treatment of kidney.

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle spasms
  • Swelling
  • Dry skin
  • Frequent bathroom trips
  • Poor appetite

Major Causes That Lead to Kidney Failure

There is no exact reason for kidney failure. It has been even concluded that people who frequently consume alcohol or live an unhealthy lifestyle eventually face the problem. According to the National Kidney Foundation, blood pressure and diabetes are the two main causes that lead to such trouble.

Here’s what causes renal failure-

Autoimmune disorder

In this, your good blood cells start considering the kidney as a problem for the body and keep attacking it. Numerous kidney diseases can be a reason for the autoimmune problem. You may have to consult a doctor to get the right medication for the same.

Certain medications

To deal with some serious issues, often doctors may prescribe you medicine with a heavy dose. Well, it may give you relief from that “specific” problem but creates trouble for your kidneys by impacting their normal functioning.

Severe dehydration

There is a possibility that if you don’t drink enough water, your kidney will get pressure which makes it unable to flush out the harmful toxins. If you want to make sure your kidney works in fine condition, stay hydrated, and drink at least 3 liters of water every day.


Patients who are diagnosed with other illnesses like diabetes are likely to be at high risk of kidney failure. If the blood sugar level keeps on rising, it could damage crucial organs of the body and the kidney could be the very first one.

High blood pressure

This could be another reason that may cause the kidney failure problem. Hypertension is all about how the blood travels through the vessels of the body at high force. This could affect kidney tissue causing it to be damaged permanently.

Summing Up!!

That’s all about kidney failure. We hope our comprehensive guide will help you learn about this dreadful condition. There is no exact cure to this problem yet found even there has been tremendous advancement in technology.

You should maintain a good lifestyle and avoid junk and toxic drinking to increase its lifespan. If you notice any possible signs, visit your healthcare expert and get proper consultation for the same.

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