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Anorectal Disease

Discover Lasting Relief with Kshar Sutra Vidhi

Anorectal diseases considerably impact an individual's well-being. These diseases lead to discomfort, pain, and distress. We are aware of how such conditions affect your daily life. For this reason, our commitment lies in offering you effectual and caring attention that would help restore your comfort.

Anorectal diseases encompass a range of ailments, such as piles, fistula, and fissures. People often suffer through these diseases alone silently. We aim to break that silence by sharing a comprehensive understanding of anorectal diseases, from their causes and symptoms to the available treatment options.

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Understanding Ano-Rectal Diseases


Piles (Hemorrhoids)


  • • Inflammation or swelling of blood vessels within the rectum and anus
  • • Chronic constipation
  • • Strain while passing excreta
  • • Pregnancy
  • • Obesity
  • • Deficiency of dietary fiber.


  • • Rectal bleeding during bowel movements
  • • Anal itching or soreness
  • • Hard lump near or around the anus
  • • Mucous discharge


Fistula (Anal Fistula)


  • • Infection in an anal gland leading to an abnormal tunnel or tract
  • • Anal abscess
  • • Crohn's disease
  • • Anal trauma.


  • • Chronic anal pain
  • • Release of pus or blood through a hole near the anus
  • • Increased pain and swelling of the anus


Fissure (Anal Fissure)


  • • Tearing or splitting of the anus lining
  • • Trauma on the rectum due to severe constipation, hard stools, and constant diarrhea


  • • Severely painful stools
  • • Discharge of bright red blood while passing stool
  • • Anal spasms leading to additional pain

Kshar Sutra

Ancient Ayurvedic surgical techniques like Kshar Sutra Vidhi help treat anorectal diseases. Kshar Sutra means a medicated thread for cutting and healing the affected tissue. This technique is highly productive and offers several advantages compared to traditional surgical methods.

Why Kshar Sutra?

  • Minimally Invasive- Kshar Sutra is a minimally invasive procedure that involves a thin, specialized medicated thread to treat certain medical conditions gently.
  • Precision- It ensures accuracy by precisely targeting the affected area, minimizing damage to healthy tissue or any other side effects.
  • Low to no Recurrence Rate- Kshar Sutra therapy has a low to almost no recurrence rate, providing long-lasting relief from the treated condition.
  • Minimal Discomfort- Patients experience minimal discomfort during and after the procedure, making it more tolerable.
  • Faster Healing- It promotes faster healing compared to surgical methods, allowing patients to recover swiftly.

Why Choose HiiMS?

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At HiiMS, we believe in natural healing through Ayurveda. If you want a secure, discreet, and comprehensive method for treating anorectal diseases such as piles, fistula, or fissures, Kshar Sutra Vidhi is the best solution. Our dedicated team of experts aims to provide you with permanent relief and an improved quality of life.

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